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From the Beginning

April 30, 2009



Todd in Clifton

I decided to start from the beginning of our hiking experiences, so I begin with a great state park in Ohio.  John Bryan State Park to be exact.  A great hiking area near a little place called Yellow Springs.

According to the Division of Parks and Recreation, “John Bryan is the most scenic state park in western Ohio”.  I would definitely have to agree with this statement.  This is a great state park for a variety of yearly activities from hiking, rock climbing, and sightseeing to cross country skiing in the winter. There are a variety of trails with varying degree of difficulty, so there is something for everyone.  This was the first place Todd and I hiked and it continues to be our favorite spot in Ohio.  Camping is also permitted in this park so it is a plus for anyone who loves to camp and hike.  The great thing about this park is that it is also near Clifton Gorge State Park and this preserve contains many geological and botanical features.  Clifton also has an upper level that allows for great photo opportunities and is accessible for all fitness levels, so there is no need to be an avid hiker to enjoy this part of the park. For more information visit John Bryan State park


Note: some of the photos are low quality and were taken with a Intel camera circa 2002.  For much higher quality photos visit my Flickr page.

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